Coaching Programs

All Coaching is done by A. Xandrea Shane Smith, B. Msc. (Metaphysician).

Our coaching programs are designed to have the biggest impact. So we’ve created step-by-step programs designed with you in mind. Verses having to working one-on-one in multtpule session, we developed a mentorship coaching assisting program that will have the bigges impact! It doesn’t matter if you’re wanting self-improvement, have better relationships, or seek spiritual growth. None of those things will manifest if you don’t take time in doing the work your self.

Additional Coaching Areas

  • Relationship Coaching
  • Bereavement & Pain Coaching
  • Professional Business Coaching (Organizational Only)
    • Business Coaching – We do not coach on “How To” run your business, but “How To” organize and strategize your business.
  • Meditation Coaching
  • Reiki Healing, including Distant Healing
  • Oracle Readings
Email & 1:1 Coaching is available at the hourly rate without a program commitment.

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