Embracing the Inner & Outer Journey of Life

Journey Haus is a lifestyle agency providing spiritual life coaching and retreat planning services.

As a spiritual lifestyle company we seek to unites people, places and things on and off the internet to demonstrate and engage a new living awareness through conscious co-creation.

Our mission is to focus and take care as a global community dedicated to recognizing, honoring and nurturing the dignity and uniqueness of all people.

As a hosted group travel company, we work with you in planning your journey. We focus on care and safety while providing you with top-notch travel arrangements, accommodations, activities and tours.

Spiritual Life Coaching

Learn The Art of Sacred Physics

Are you looking for direction or instruction in your life, seeking to rebuild a better spiritual foundation?

Struggling to overcome fear or move forward, needing motivation to create your ideal life?

Would you like to increase your confidence, rekindle passion in your marriage or relationship? Or look for your soul mate?

Are you struggling to finding your purpose and passion?

Do you feel overwhelm by life and confused with your progression?

Are you ready to take accountability and responsibility for your life?

Journey Haus coaching model is through “The Institute of Sacred Science” where you’ll learn the art of “Sacred Physics,” which is the study of the Divine Intelligence through the inherit co-existence of nature, science, math, astrology, and physics. It is the foundation and understanding of “true metaphysics” that creates the missing link and bond to all that is very sacred in our universe.

Spirituality and science are now shifting into a cohesive relationship that is validated scientifically that a distinctive intelligence is everywhere; importantly within each of us. This intelligence seeks to unfold the true meaning and purpose we are meant to live in our lives. Each one of us is made in the image and likeness of the Creator and because of this true fact, we are now capable of awakening to our true likeness and purpose. And because of this realization it gives expression to the excellence of unconditional love, compassion, wisdom, peace and understanding. Those qualities cause creativity to explode in the universe and creates greatness, achievement and complete manifestation to our hearts desires.

We can empower and equip you to determine your purpose and create a life that brings you true happiness and success. We have helped many individuals reclaim their lives and create success through her practical and proven success strategies and spiritual principles.





I contacted Alycia for a reading and coaching sessions after experiencing a sudden string of negative, emotionally-charged encounters and needed clarity on re-focusing my energy. I am SO glad I did. She was thorough, compassionate AND personable … ultimately on-point! I will definitely reach out to Alycia again during a moment of fogginess.

~K. Denise

If you’re seeking reclaim your life or rekindle relationships or simply you’re seeking true happiness and success, then take advantage of our free 30-minute consultation to see if we’re a good fit.

Journey Haus Destinations provides specialized and custom group travel from hosted & escorted itineraries by us or you can hosted your own group travel through our custom group planning. Each year we publish group itineraries throughout the year, which are easy and simple.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a bride seeking wedding destinations, a business seeking a corporate retreat or a group of girls wanting a private girls getaway. The choices are almost endless. We can help you explore many options, along with budget, itinerary and tour building. Our goal is to help our clients experience their travel in the way it is meant to be experience – with integrity, honesty and commitment from our team.

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Disclaimer: Journey Haus, LLC. and A. Xandrea Shane Smith products and services are not to be considered a substitute for professional, medical or psychological diagnosis and/or treatment. Participation in A. Xandrea Shane’s programs is considered voluntary and should not replace, supersede or conflict with treatment and/or advice of a licensed health professional.